The Jewelry evolved from a love of pearls, other organic materials and a desire to provide women with a selection of modern designs that they can collect, mix and match, travel with, and enjoy wearing.

Wanted Jewelry is handcrafted with freshwater pearls combined with stones, crystal, leather, suede and metals.  Many of the pearls are baroque meaning that they have an imperfect, natural, organic look and uniqueness that we love!  Layer as you like and wear them well!

 To take care of your Wanted Jewelry:

  • Put them on after using cosmetics, hairspray or perfume
  • Keep away from chemicals such as chlorine
  • Don’t wear while showering or exercising
  • Store in organza bags to prevent scratching
  • Clean with a soft moistened cloth
  • Wear them often, as the natural oils from your skin are good for them